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Chicken Burrito Bowl

Who doesn’t love a bowl full of goodness and colour!!

Need to feed the soul & the tummy – well this is IT ♥

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Chicken Burrito Bowl

  Chicken Burrito Bowl Who doesn't love a bowl full of goodness and colour!! Need to feed the soul and the tummy - well this is IT !!  1 x 150gm chicken breast1 tsp masterfoods Portuguese seasoning1/2 cup boiled basmati rice25 gms sliced avocado1/3 cup...

Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.

The key to success is CONSISTENCY!!

Sure you mess up, we ALL do, no one is exempt, however the difference between success and failure is Consistency …. Never Giving Up!

If you mess up, make that next meal a better choice and just keep going! If you don’t stop you’ll never have to restart! You just reset! Restart & Reclaim

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FMH Pack Winners

The Time has Come Beautiful People A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone (over 470 of you) that entered & supported this giveaway. With everyone's help we have managed to boost Desc Designs Small Business page to 500 LIKES and I thank you all from the bottom...

A Big Thank you to DESC Designs

To say a Huge Thank You to DESC Designs for making an incredibly user friendly website for me to share with you all, I am offering 5 FMH packs to be won. Included in the packs are: One Snack Box (these are the ones that have been discontinued) One FMH Tea towel One...

Let’s Add Our Website to your Phone’s Screen

iPhone UPDATE: We have added a nifty little button to add our website to your home screen (25/10/2018) - Hope it helps 🙂 The process is super-simple - Here's how it works: Open up Safari and load a website. At the bottom of the screen you'll see an icon...

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