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Chocolate Swap

Today’s Smart Swap was bought to you by Chocolate! In particular @weightwatchersaunz chocolate pretzel bars, which 2 of them is the same Smart a Points as 1 small koala.I’ll take the 2 thanks! Plus Pretzels & Chocolate Tag...

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Lunch Platter – Ham

Lunch Platter - Ham Snack or Lunch you decide! That’s the best part about weight watchers, you do it your way 10 Pretzels (weighed as well, I use Coles or Woolworths brand)6 Roasted Almonds60 gms Dons Shaved Honey Ham2 Hard Boiled EggsCarrot...

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Creamy Maple Cinnamon Oats

Creamy Maple Cinnamon Oats Need a hot 5 minute breakfast option that’s warming, super filling and nourishing? Try these delicious oats! They will keep you full for hours. 1/2 cup oats1 cup unsweetened almond milk1/2 tsp Cinnamon2 tsp queens...

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Spring Rolls

  Mountain Bread Spring Rolls This filling is SO incredibly delicious, I made it again and had it with rice & Veg, but in this particular case, I made spring rolls to pop on a platter. They were crunchy & delicious served with...

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Lunch Platter – Zucchini & Bacon

  Lunch Platter - Zucchini & Bacon Grilled Zucchini100 gms Grilled Bacon (from aldi (2sp))Panfried muchroomtomato in 1tsp oil (1sp)2 eggs mixed with 2tbls water whisked then scrambled (0sp)Wilted Spinach (0sp) Tag @feedmehealthy_annavandyken on...

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Lunch Platter – Chicken

  Lunch Platter - Chicken I love pre preparing this the night before, so when I get home it’s a matter of pull it out and eat! Just as easy to put together if I haven’t done that though as everything is already in the fridge ready in containers...

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Baked Salmon – Lemon

Baked Salmon - Lemon It doesn’t need to be complicated it does however need to be delicious and this also happens to be nutritious I cook my sweet potato in chicken stock to add extra flavour (don’t drain it all off, use some of the liquid...

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Lunch Platter – Prawns

  Lunch Platter - Prawns Cooked prawnsBeautiful mixed tomatoesCucumber slices2 Boiled Eggs50 gms Always Fresh Pitted Olives55 gms South Cape Reduced Fat Greek Feta Home made seafood sauce1 big Tbls Yopro plain1/2-1 tsp @celebratehealth Tomato sauce1/4...

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Salad – Salmon in Springwater

Salmon in Springwater Salad It’s a case of whatever I had in the fridge and pantry! It’s shopping day so this is as good as it gets! How many times has canned salmon, corn or bean mix saved me?!Literally pantry staples Dressing I will...

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Edible Crunchy Wrap Bowls

Edible Crunchy Wrap Bowls Extremely Satisfying to crunch on this lunch! And would you believe it’s only 4 Weight Watchers Smart Points! Delicious 1 x Wattle Valley Lite Wrap (3sp bought from IGA)20 gms Avocado (1sp)Grilled chicken Breast...

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