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Chicken Spinach & Feta Patties

Chicken Spinach & Feta Patties - Served With Light Sweet Chilli Sauce 400 gms low fat chicken mince1 egg250 gms cooked drained spinach (frozen & defrosted is fine, just squeeze out excess water)1/2 cup breadcrumbs (I used panko)50 gms...

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Pizza – Topped Chicken Breast With Salad

Pizza - Topped Chicken Breast With Salad 130 gm raw chicken breast50 gms fat free hamDiced Capsicum (onion & garlic)Sprinkle of Italian herbs1 slice Bega 50% less fat cheese1 tsp leggos Italian pizza sauceSalt & Pepper On top of the raw...

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Shakshuka A one pan dish that’s easy and delicious for lazy Sundays 2 tins crushed tomato1 large punnet sliced mushroom1 large red Capsicum sliced1 large yellow Capsicum sliced1 red onion sliced1 small/med zucchini diced8 eggsSpray oil (3...

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Chilli Con Carne & Rice

Chilli Con Carne & Rice No packet mix here, just fresh ingredients with spices, and the flavour is amazing! 500 gms Lean beef mince2 tbls tomato paste1 cup water1 tin chopped tomato1 beef stock cube1 tin kidney beans drained3-4 cloves...

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Filo Pasties

Filo Pasties 6 sheets Filo pastry1 cup sliced mushrooms2 bags of steam fresh frozen peas carrot & corn1 onion diced400 gm lean beef mince1 tbls Worcestershire sauce1 tbls original gravy powder1 tbls tomato pasteSalt & Pepper1/2 tsp...

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Pumpkin Puree Butter

  Pumpkin Puree "Butter" steam baked pumpkin Bake or Steam PumpkinMash and store in sealed container in the fridge Pumpkin ‘butter’ for wraps and sandwiches or atop pizza’s as an alternative to butter or pizza sauce and some done in these...

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Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup When only comfort food will do. 6 cups chicken stockOlive oil spray1 packet of Hans WW endorsed bacon130 gms dry pasta (whichever you like)1 can of either Cannellini beans or red kidney beans2/3 cup frozen peas1 tin diced...

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Slice – Silverbeet, Chicken & Leek

Silverbeet, Chicken & Leek Slice 500 gms Chicken Breast Mince 8 med eggs 1/4 cup self raising flour 60 gms Bega country 50% light grated cheese 20 gms parmesan cheese 3 tsp mixed dried herbs 2 garlic cloves grated 1 leek thinly sliced 1 bunch raw...

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Meatballs – Pork

Meatballs - Pork - Mini Delicious Mini Meatballs 500 gms lean pork mince2 eggs100 gms panko bread crumbs1/4 cup parmesan cheese1 raw meduim size spanish onion (can be cooked before adding to mix if you prefer)2 Tbls fresh chopped basil or...

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