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Lemon Weetbix Cakes

Lemon Weetbix Cakes with Lemon Cheesecake Frosting This has been adapted from a slimming world recipe, I've changed it to make it WW friendly, quite a dense fudgy cake that is a really big serve for only 3sp including topping, and not really...

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Bliss Ball – Anzac

  ANZAC Bliss Balls 100 gms rolled oats10 soft juicy fat medjool Dates2 tsp golden syrup1 Tbls queens sugar free maple30 gms desiccated coconut Everything goes into the food processor and blitz until a soft dough forms.Using a cookie...

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  YoPro FINALLY got my hands on my FAVOURITE BIG TUB @yoproau plain protein yoghurt! Thick, Creamy & SO versatile I’m beyond pleased they have been upsized. By far the best consistency and taste than any other plain yoghurt I’ve ever had. I use...

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Lemon & Herb Chicken

Lemon & Herb Chicken Tenderloins Tonight I’m grilling some Lemon & Herb Chicken Tenderloins. I prepped this early this morning and let it marinade all day, the flavour will be superb. Leaving it for an hour or so should be enough but...

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Sugar Free Marshmallows

Double D Sugar Free Marshmallows When you need fluffy pillows for your Hot Chocolate Treat on a dark rainy winters night ⛈?Double D Sugar Free Marshmallows15gms 1sp25gms 2spSometimes Treats! ??????Available Coles or Woolies in the lollie section.

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Teriyaki Chicken

Celebrate Health - Chicken Teriyaki A bit of meal prepping chicken not only intensifies the flavour but it makes it easy to freeze for later.These Teriyaki Chicken Tenderloins will marinade in the bag, and usually I freeze one bag and use the other fresh and pop it in...

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Twinings Infused Tea

Twinings Infused Tea Who struggles with drinking water??Most of us do! So these cold tea infusion tea bags are brand new on the market, and thought I’d give them a test run.5 flavours (4 pictured) I hope they help make water a bit more exciting, and consequently drink...

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