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Sometimes the cooking is easy – it’s the CHOOSING that is the hard part.

Here we hope to make your choice a little easier !


Muffins – Bacon Cheese & Zucchini

  Bacon Cheese & Zucchini Muffins I make a batch of these and freeze them every few weeks because they are that good and my family love them! Bonus … they are healthy! 1/2 cup self raising flour2 Eggs1 small onion finely diced1 small...

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Waffles – Pumpkin

  Waffles - Pumpkin Who’s got a waffle maker? They just aren’t for sweet waffles you know. Savoury ones are just as good, you can also switch out the pumpkin for potato. 200 gms raw butternut pumpkin grated (liquid squeezed out)25 gms bega...

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Cookies – Spiced Breakfast

  Cookies - Spiced Breakfast These have been making the rounds across FB lately so I thought I’d tweak them to suit My WW needs and try them out, the verdict? Delicious Chewy & Substantial. Also family approved! They will be a lovely...

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Avocado Egg Smash

  Avocado Egg Smash Snacking done the healthy and filling way, so simple and yet so very satisfying and tasty. Perfect for an after workout snack. 1 thin rice cake30 gms Smashed Avocado1 hard boiled eggSalt/Pepper Tag @feedmehealthy_annavandyken on...

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Loaded Fries

Loaded Fries Have I mentioned how much I love my airfryer? It’s quick, healthy cooking, especially when you want comfort food, and fries are very much comfort but these are a healthier version. 200 gms Spud lite or Carisma potatoes100 gms lean...

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Grilled Prawns & Calamari

Grilled Prawns & Calamari With Salad 100 gms calamari6 large raw green prawns (peeled tails on)oil spray1/2 tsp mixed dried herbsPinch of chilli1 clove small - garlic Mix the herbs, chilli and garlic through the seafood and let sit in the...

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Salmon & Steamed Veggies

Salmon & Steamed Vegetables 1/2 cup basmati RiceSteamed Vegetables Full of healthy fats and Omega 3, with basmati Rice & Steamed Veg including edamame beans which is my first time trying them and I actually quite like them! They are...

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Pasta – Lasagne – Cheesy Chicken

Cheesy Chicken Lasagne Cheesy Chicken Lasagne again for dinner, because it’s pasta Sunday ?? Pasta has always been a bit of a tradition on a Sunday because that’s what us Italians do ?We love this one and I especially love how easy it is,...

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Pasta – Chicken Cannelloni

  Chicken Cannelloni 4 x Fresh Lasagne Sheets1/4 cup grated Parmesan Cheese1 My Italian meatball mix (Recipe link in Notes)For the sauce2 x tins tomatoes (purée)1 small onion finely diced2 small garlic cloves gratedSalt and pepper1/2 bunch fresh basil...

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Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Home Made Chicken Nuggets 500 gms Chicken Breast Cut into Chunky Cubes3/4 Cup Panko Breadcrumbs1 Tbls Masterfoods tuscan seasoningSalt & Pepper2 eggs whisked Whisk eggs in a bowl, add all the cut chicken and mix, in a seperate bowl mix salt...

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Bliss Ball – Mocha Maple

Bliss Balls - Mocha Maple Seriously these are THE BEST Bliss Balls I think I’ve ever created. The taste is just INCREDIBLE. If you love Mocha please give these a go, SO Moorish and bigger than my average Bliss Balls I make. 50 gms roasted...

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Chocolate Mousse

  Chocolate Mousse Can be used as a dip also - also known as Chocolate Maple Mousse  180 gms Yopro (plain) yogurt20 gms Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate2 tsp Sugar Free Maple Syrup Whisk ingredients together until combined, light & fluffy. Top with fresh...

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