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Meatballs – Chicken

  Meatballs - Chicken A Great 0 Smart Points Snack or meal for the family 500 gms Chicken Breast Mince1 red onion finely diced1/4 cup fresh flat leaf parsley chopped1 Tbls fresh mint chopped1 tsp dry oregano2 cloves garlic grated1 Zest lemonSalt &...

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Bliss Balls – Chocolate Brownie

  Chocolate Brownie Bliss Balls These are incredibly Sweet, Rich & Fudgy just like Chocolate Brownies but in Bliss Ball form. Quick and Easy as all my recipes are You’ll need a whole 10 minutes to make them 50 gms Walnuts100 gms Rolled...

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Sausage Rolls – Mountain Bread

  Sausage Rolls - Mountain Bread These were so popular with my boys last time I made them I thought I’d make another batch! They never last long and for me they are low fat and low Smart Points too. Although not a traditional sausage roll, they suit...

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Waffles – Crazy Good

  Waffles - Crazy Good Hard to believe all this goodness is only 2 Weight Watchers Smart Points. And GUILT FREE GOOD FOR YOU. Packed full of protein it’s filling too. I like to use a healthy ready made pancake mix for quick and easy. 30...

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Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

  Chicken Teriyaki Bowl Yesterday I posted the “celebrate health ” marinade and said I was making this bowl, and here it is. So incredibly delicious, the chicken marinaded overnight (personal choice, you don’t have to) and it was grilled...

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Muffin – Mug – 90 Second

  Muffin - Mug - 90 Second This is my original recipe there are MANY variations of it that has evolved over time ?? My teens son’s best friend requested this for brunch today! Must be good ? Shhhhh don’t tell them it’s healthy! 1/3 cup quick oats1...

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Cheesy Chicken Lasagne

  Cheesy Chicken Lasagne We love this one and I especially love how easy it is, because I don’t like to make any of my recipes hard, over complicated or time consuming For the Lasagne4 Latina fresh lasagne pasta sheets130 gms Coles brand...

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