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Sometimes the cooking is easy – it’s the CHOOSING that is the hard part.

Here we hope to make your choice a little easier !


Overnight Oats – Coconut

  Overnight Oats -Mango Coconut 150 gms Yopro plain yoghurt30 gms quick oats (or rolled)30 mls Ayam organic light coconut cream1 tbls queens sugar free maple syrup Mix all ingredients together.Layer the bottom of a jar with mango, then spoon over half...

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Stuffed Scrambled Eggs & Ham Sweet Potato

Stuffed Scrambled Eggs & Ham Sweet Potato With A Side Of Grilled Asparagus & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes 1 small mini gold sweet potato (up to 130gms)2 eggs50 gms light shaved hamAsparagasCherry tomatoes Prick the potato with a fork a few times and...

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Prawn Stir Fry For One

Prawn Stir Fry For One 1-2 cloves garlic200 gms raw green peeled prawns1-2 tsp fresh ginger grated (optional)Stir fry mix (store bought tonight)Oil spray1/2 tsp Black sesame seeds1 tbls light sweet chilli sauce2 tsp lite soy sauce.salt &...

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Smoked Salmon & Philly Cheese Wrap

Smoked Salmon & Philly Cheese Wrap 1 Goodness Superfoods Barley Wrap30 gms Kraft Philly spreadable extra Light Cream Cheese1/3 cup raw Spinach leaves100 gms Smoked SalmonSpanish Onion1 tsp Capers Layer it all in the wrap Tag...

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Skinny Caesar Salad with Chicken

Skinny Caesar Salad with Chicken 100 gms Grilled chicken breast cooked in oil sprayCos lettuce (as much as you like)10 gms anchovies (optional)1 tbls shaved Parmesan cheese42 gms Hans WW endorsed bacon (grilled & thinly sliced)Thinly sliced...

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Old Fashioned Tuna Patties

Old Fashioned Tuna Patties 425 gms Tuna in Spring water (Well Drained)240 gms RAW Spud Lite or Carisma Potatoes (Cooked and Mashed)1 small Onion (Finely diced)1 Egg1/2 Cup Panko Breadcrumbs1/4 Cup Fresh Parsley (Chopped)2 Tsp Dijon MustardSalt...

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Orange Thyme & Maple Salmon

  Orange, Thyme & Maple Salmon Tonight I’m making Salmon for dinner. No skin fresh pieces marinaded, then either baked or grilled, either way it will be delicious and zero points. There’s 2 informed reasons for this post. One is for the...

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BBQ Lamb with Pumpkin CousCous Salad

  Bbq Lamb with Pumpkin CousCous Salad 2 x 150gm Raw lamb leg steak (trimmed)2 tsp Masterfoods Lamb herb seasoningPumpkin CousCous Salad1 cup cooked CousCous2 x medjool Dates chopped1/2 red onion diced2 mini cucumbers diced1/3 cup diced red...

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Lemon & Raspberry Cheesecakes

  Lemon & Raspberry Cheesecakes For the filling :240 gms reduced fat Ricotta (from the deli dept)180 gms Philly cream cheese light (block at room temperature)1 tbls sweetner (i use xylitol)1 tbls fresh lemon zest1/3 cup fresh lemon juice1 egg1 tsp...

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Bliss Ball – Anna’s Cocoa

  Anna's Cocoa Bliss Balls As featured on the Official WW App 100 gms Raw Almonds2 Tbls Cocoa10 Medjool Dates (remove seed)2 Tsp Honey1 Tbls Sugar Free Maple20 gms Desicated Coconut Place all ingredients into a food processor EXCLUDING the...

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Meatballs – Greek

  Chicken Mini Greek Meatballs Delicious in a salad, in a wrap, or in a snack box 500 gms Chicken Breast Mince1 red onion ( finely diced)1/4 cup fresh flat leaf parsley (chopped)1 Tbls fresh mint chopped1 tsp dry oregano2 cloves garlic...

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