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Sometimes the cooking is easy – it’s the CHOOSING that is the hard part.

Here we hope to make your choice a little easier !


Waffles – Crazy Good

  Waffles - Crazy Good Hard to believe all this goodness is only 2 Weight Watchers Smart Points. And GUILT FREE GOOD FOR YOU. Packed full of protein it’s filling too. I like to use a healthy ready made pancake mix for quick and easy. 30...

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Muffin – Mug – 90 Second

  Muffin - Mug - 90 Second This is my original recipe there are MANY variations of it that has evolved over time ?? My teens son’s best friend requested this for brunch today! Must be good ? Shhhhh don’t tell them it’s healthy! 1/3 cup quick oats1...

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Salad – CousCous with Garlic & Chilli Prawns

  Salad - CousCous topped with Garlic & Chilli Prawns 1/2 cup cooked couscous2 tbls Fresh pineapple diced2 tbls red Capsicum diced2 tbls red onion Diced1 tbls Fresh parsley choppedSqueeze of lemon juice200 gms raw prawns1/2 clove grated...

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Cheesy Rice Slice

  Cheesy Rice Slice A very quick throw together slice using up some leftover cooked rice, turned into a delicious easy meal. 1 1/2 cups cooked brown rice (or white)3 eggs beaten2 tsp garlic oil (normal works fine)2 tbls grated Parmesan cheese70 gms...

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Waffles – Pumpkin

  Waffles - Pumpkin Who’s got a waffle maker? They just aren’t for sweet waffles you know. Savoury ones are just as good, you can also switch out the pumpkin for potato. 200 gms raw butternut pumpkin grated (liquid squeezed out)25 gms bega...

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AFC Burger Meal Fakeaway

AFC Burger Meal Fakeaway (Air Fried Chicken) Although I do love KFC, it doesn’t love me! My tummy always hurts when I eat it so ... I don’t! And I make my own take away! This was a rival for the Zinger Works Burger, with a lot of Zing! I...

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Spanish Chicken & Rice

Spanish Chicken & Rice I was seriously craving something warming and comforting for dinner tonight, so I came up with this little winner ??It's very delicious & filling and ticked all my boxes. Hope you give it a go! 500 gms diced...

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Baked Salmon – Lemon

Baked Salmon - Lemon It doesn’t need to be complicated it does however need to be delicious and this also happens to be nutritious I cook my sweet potato in chicken stock to add extra flavour (don’t drain it all off, use some of the liquid...

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Mac And Cheese Cups

Muffins - Bacon, Mac and Cheese To say I’m excited about my latest creation would be a complete understatement!! I L?VE Mac n Cheese! But not the points! SO I worked on these today and they are PERFECTLY PERFECT ???? I hope you enjoy...

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Spring Rolls

  Mountain Bread Spring Rolls This filling is SO incredibly delicious, I made it again and had it with rice & Veg, but in this particular case, I made spring rolls to pop on a platter. They were crunchy & delicious served with...

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Dip – Pumpkin Hummus

Dip - Pumpkin Hummus 1 Tin Chickpeas (drained)1-2 tbls Cooked Mashed Pumpkinwrap in alfoil, it gives a creamy nutty texture and flavour1 Zest Lemon1-2 Cloves Garlic1 Tbls Lemon JuiceSalt & Pepper to taste Mix together in mini food processor...

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