Grilled Prawns & Calamari With Salad
Suggested Meal: Lunch
Smart Points: 3 SP
Ingredients Needed
  • 100 gms calamari
  • 6 large raw green prawns peeled tails on
  • oil spray
  • 1/2 tsp mixed dried herbs
  • Pinch of chilli
  • 1 clove small - garlic
How To Create
  1. Mix the herbs, chilli and garlic through the seafood and let sit in the fridge for the flavours to develop while putting a light fresh crisp salad together.
  2. Over a medium high heat, in a non stick pan sprayed with olive oil spray, toss in your seafood and flash fry for 2-3, minutes, the prawns will turn a beautiful coral colour once cooked, and the calamari will be cooked at the same amount of time.
Feed Me Healthy Notes

Serve along a side salad, with fat free dressing.

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