On the 9th June 2012, I started this journey for my son, to get him back to a healthy weight, and to teach him a healthy lifestyle, little did I know by doing that, and succeeding, I would embark on my own journey of healthy living and completely changing our lifestyle.

In hindsight I was trying to save my son from the despair I had when I was his age, but in actual fact, he saved MY LIFE and for that, I will be forever grateful!!

You see, all I ever wanted was the privilege to grow old and watch him evolve into a man, and have his own family, and for me to see all of that, however at the rate I was going, my doctor told me I was heading into an early grave, so by saving him, he made my wish come true. I WILL live a very long life now and see all of the things most people take for granted.

Along my journey I have learnt many things , but the most significant is that life really IS precious and you just cannot take it for granted …. YES we live for today, but what we do today, will affect our tomorrow.

A very wise friend asked me recently, that if I could go back and tell myself ONE thing the first day I walked through the doors of WW, what would it be?? The answer was simple … That I will find myself! … and cliche as that may sound, … I really have.

I’ve learnt many things on this journey to health, I’ve grown as a person, and I’ve learnt that I’m stronger than I thought I was, I’ve learnt how capable I am, I’ve learnt what patience REALLY means, I’ve learnt how to love myself, and that food is not the enemy, it’s a passion that I now treat with care and respect, and most of all, I’ve learnt commitment.

There are words now that I live by that I never thought I would, like … CAN and STRONG equals CAPABLE & BELIEVE.

I have always had a Weight Watchers mantra through these whole 4 years, and they are the 3 P’s … Persistence Perseverance & Patience.

There is no time link to health or success, so be persistent in everything you do, perseverance will get you there, and to have patience with yourself, because we are only human, it’s a journey of many ups and downs.

My proudest moment was not for me, it was not even getting to GOAL, but the fact that I set out to educate myself to make my family healthy, so that we can live our best lives, and I think I succeeded in doing that. And so, to everyone that has started this journey, or is in the middle of theirs, or want to restart, please remember that your stronger than you think, and your more capable than you realise, take each day as it comes, and enjoy the evolution of YOU.

Thank you to Andrea Walsh for being my amazing coach and friend, and to everyone that has supported me, my family, my friends and my online community, thank you for your ongoing and amazing support.


On the 19th November, 2016 – This moment of glory! I’m so happy to have made GOAL and hit my lifetime membership with weight watchers this morning.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all your support during this time of my life, each and every one of you have made such a difference!

I’ve met some amazing people along the way who I now call my closest friends and a couple I cannot live without. There are too many people to thank individually, but there’s a few stand outs and they will know who they are!

As I’ve said from day one, this was about making all of us healthy, and that’s what I’m proud of the most.

Ethan, I love you so very much, and Rod, you are an amazing human being and I’m so lucky that your mine.

Thank you xxx

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