Waffles - Bacon & Eggs
Suggested Meal: Breakfast
Smart Points: 8 SP
How To Create
  1. Cook the potato waffle in the oven (as directed) or airfryer (7 mins on 200c).
  2. Meanwhile in a large non stick pan, spray with oil & panfry Veg on one side and cook bacon on the other side of the pan (saves washing up), whisk eggs in a bowl ready to go.

  3. Once waffle is cooked, place on a plate, 

  4. Remove veg & bacon from pan, place bacon on waffle & veg onto the plate, add Spinach to pan, once wilted pour eggs in and cook, (this will take 1-2 mins), stir until almost set, turn off heat and place eggs over bacon, season with salt & pepper, enjoy.

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